Saturday, July 09, 2005

Some Fatherly Advice for Sasser Sven

Stephen Toulouse, one of the more stand-up guys at the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), writes an open letter to Sven Jaschan, the kid convicted for creating and unleashing Sasser, the last big Windows network worm:

Toulouse's advice to Jaschan:

"You've been given a second chance. I hope very sincerely that you use it to serve as a cautionary example, and speak out against the creation of these types of attacks. I know you just want to put all this behind you. But you have the opportunity to do a tremendous amount of good. Please use it, don't squander it. You've taken the first step by confessing and being honest about what you did. I respect that. Please don't waste the opportunity you have potentially been given to help some kid right now avoid your mistake and think twice before taking what seems to be a simple action, but that can impact so many people."