Saturday, July 09, 2005

MS AntiSpyware Bordering on Irrelevance

I had very high hopes for the Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware product but the recent discovery that Claria and some other pesky adware applications have been downgraded to a recommended action of "ignore" can't be good news.

Microsoft has a responsibility to make the correct recommendations to the average mom-'n-pop users. The explanation being offered just doesn't cut it. Would Bill Gates "ignore" Claria or WhenU apps on his machine? Put 100 top security guys at Microsoft in a room and ask if they would recommend to family members that those adware apps be ignored. The answer certainly won't match Microsoft's actions, no matter what the "official" word is.

Eric Howes, posting a "eburger68", explains it best on this Broadband Reports thread.

Scoble nails it when he calls for the AntiSpyware team to start blogging in an honest, straightforward fashion.